Kon Patrol Needs You

Join Kon Patrol and Attend A-Kon for Free!

Kon Patrol ensures a safe and enjoyable environment for A-Kon attendees.  Kon Patrol assists con goers with directions, helps with crowd control and enforcement of safety regulations.  You will be part of an elite and unique team.

When you volunteer for Kon Patrol you will work just a few hours a day.  Your coordinators will try their best to ensure your schedule allows for you to attend those events that are important to you.  The minimum commitment to attend is 6 hours each day of the convention.  If you commit to 8 hours or more per day, “crash space” is available on a first come first serve basis.

Staff Head

daniel_permenter(CodeFreak)Daniel a.k.a. “Codefreak” – Staff Head of Kon Patrol.  “Codefreak” is a long time veteran of Kon Patrol who earned his stripes in the deepest, darkest parts of the night during A-Kon.  He brings, from his professional life, a skill set uniquely fitted to all of the personnel issues and bizarre occurrences that come with a convention of A-Kon’s size.  He is a decisive leader that inspires fierce loyalty within his team.